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Disposing Of Mailers

Disposing Of Mailers


Our 100% biodegradable are made out of D2W which is a material that closely resembles a standard poly mailer (there is a very slight texture difference). The easiest way to describe it, is it's a biodegradable type of plastic. D2W stands for degrade to water. At the end of the mailers life cycle, it will decompose and the remaining remnants will be carbon and water. For the breakdown of the mailers it mostly depends on the conditions it’s in but 2 years would be a rough estimate and the average! Out in the wilderness would be less, stored in good conditions could be more!
The mailers can be thrown into the trash or even recycled. They aren't plant based or rated for compost, but they will biodegrade in ideal elements or if lost outside, as long as they are exposed to oxygen.
Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Additives | Symphony Environmental


Our 100% compostable mailers are made from a corn starch base and can easily compost in a home or industrial compost bin (make sure to remove any labels).


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