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Custom order for Blondies

Custom order for Blondies.

10,000 custom mailers size Medium x 0.15 USD

10,000 custom mailers size Large x 0.24 USD

= $3900 USD

Lead time approximately 4-5 weeks + shipping time. Lead time may be extended by up to a month due to CNY

This price does not include shipping cost.

Shipping will be calculated once the mailers are manufactured and ready to ship for accurate and up to date shipping costs.
Mailers are manufactured and shipped from overseas and may incur custom fee's, depending on the shipping method. Shipping must be paid prior to the order being shipped or customer can provide their own shipping option.

The final quantity may be + or - 10% of the desired quantity. If the final quantity of mailers is less, then the cost can be deducted from the shipping cost or refunded via the method of payment.