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LULI SALVE is a plant-based concentrated cream to heal and protect skin. Infused with medicinal plants, LULI is handcrafted in small batches, for all. We are about natural living and simple pleasures. Sourcing sustainable, low impact ingredients (including our packaging) is key. Breathing Easy with these bubble mailers! Check us out @lulisalve
When you shop at 808 Co you are supporting an eco-friendly, Black and Indigenous female owned business! Sustainability is incredibly important to us, which is why using biodegradable mailers from the Friendly Mailer to ship Canada-wide was a must for us! Our intention is to provide wellness for your mind, body and spirit, and we do this through handmade crystal jewellery, a line of organic skin and face care as well as natural remedies. Check us out on Instagram!
Handmade items with that homemade feel - that’s what TwineCone’s specialty! From triple-layer cotton masks to accessories to home decor, creator Amanda Gilmour designs a little bit of everything to keep everyday items closer to the heart. TwineCone takes pride in their ethical and low waste production methods, so Friendly Mailer helped them kick off their website launch with a bang! Shipping across Canada with a 100% biodegradable mailer helps TwineCone and their customers “Breath Easy!”
We are all about simple, timeless and affordable jewelry. We are ensuring our clients get high quality solid gold jewelry at fraction of the price.  At The Ring Box we committed to the best environmental and sustainable practices. We love using Friendly mailer packaging as the packing quality is amazing and its eco friendly.
Introducing The Ultimate Exercise Ball (UXB) – a Friendly Business committed to elevating your fitness experience. Crafted thicker than industry standards, our female-owned Canadian company eliminates the guesswork in using exercise balls. Gain exclusive access to a weekly ball exercise and a quick 10-minute UXB workout. Our dedication to sustainability shines through our eco-friendly packaging, proudly provided by Friendly Mailer. Plus, we offer valuable resources for recycling your old exercise ball. Join us in embracing a greener fitness journey. Visit our website at
The Great North is Canadas fastest growing clothing brand! Established in 2018 it quickly gained over 100,000 social media followers and continues to set the pace for ethical companies. As an environment first company - Friendly Mailer is a big part of our efforts when it comes to shipping sustainably!

NAFSI provides sustainable-luxury garments that are kind to your skin & environment. At NAFSI, we prioritize fair treatment of farmers & artisans while minimizing waste & carbon emission. We're committed to the slow fashion movement, that's why we upcycle deadstock fabric & only source new if it is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards. Our mailers (thanks for Friendly Mailer) are even biodegradable! From supporting newcomer women in Canada to underprivileged children around the world, NAFSI aims to grow with the community! 

Welcome to BEACHLOVE!  We are two sisters who spent our summers on the Bay of Chaleur in Northern, NB Canada and we have been collecting beach glass for over 30 years.  Now we are creating unique pendants to share with you. Follow our progress at or follow us on Instagram @beachlove_nb. As a brand, we want to be environmentally responsible and do the right thing to reduce our carbon footprint. This is why Friendly Mailer is a great fit for our brand.  We are glad to have found an environmentally friendly shipping option and we love to keep things Canadian! THANK YOU, Friendly Mailer!
C'eldzïn Beadwork is a Two-Spirit, Native owned business. I create handmade beadwork and art pieces from my culture to share with everyone. Creating jewelry that will last for generations don't need packaging that will outlive them. Thats why I love using friendly mailers to ship my jewelry out worldwide.

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